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Educational Event Coordinator

Concept & Coordinator for Outdoor Classroom, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) space, outdoor education & events

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DR. Andrea Hunter

Dr Hunter.jpg

Osage Nation Tribal Historic Preservation Officer

Part I. Prehistory/ Protohistory of the Osage: "Historic Osage Occupation of Present-day Claremore and Rogers County" by Dr. Andrea Hunter, Osage Nation Historic Tribal Historic Preservation Officer and Osage tribal member: First Native American to receive a Ph.D. in Anthropology with an expertise in Archaeology. Served for seventeen years as a Professor of Anthropology at Northern Arizona University. Appointee to the Repatriation Review Committee Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia. Co-author Saving Sugarloaf Mound in St. Louis. 

DR. Garrick Bailey

Dr Bailey.jpg

University of Tulsa Anthropology Professor, social anthropologist

Part II. Black Dog and Claremore camps, camps during buffalo hunts, the cross-timbers & trails of the Osage: "Historic Osage Occupation of Present-day Claremore and Rogers County" by Dr. Garrick Bailey Professor of Anthropology Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Tulsa: A social anthropologist with primary interests in globalization, ethnic identity, ethnic conflict, socio-cultural adaption, economic change, material culture, art, and ethnohistory. His primary research is in contemporary American Indians of the United States and Canada, the historic tribes of the prairie/plains and the southwest with special interest on the Osage and Navajo. Ph.D., University of Oregon. Co-author Art of the Osage. 

DR. Daniel Swan

DR Swan.jpg

Senior Ethnologist and Curator of Ethnology for Sam Noble Museum of Natural History and Professor of Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma

Part III. Present day Osage, culture, and religion: "Historic Osage Occupation of Present-day Claremore and Rogers County" by Dr. Daniel Swan with expertise in Native North America, heritage construction, history and expressive culture of the Peyote religion, museum anthropology, and theories of materiality. Ph.D., University of Oklahoma. Co-author Art of the Osage. .

"Historic Osage Occupation of Present-day Claremore and Rogers County"
Educational Panel Concept, Event Coordination, Video Produced, and Directed
by Nanette Kelley
Production/footage was utilized for RSU Native American Studies Class Curriculum including air dates on RSU Public Television, Claremore, OK
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