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Kelley, Nanette. "Remake the World, Remake Ourselves, the Cultural Geometry of Brian Tripp & His Circle." First American Art Magazine (Feature), 35, Summer 2022. 

North Coast Journal: The Bartow Project Opens April 2, 2022



Kelley, Nanette. Yurok Education Director Appointed to the California State Board of Education › Education

Jul 28, 2020 — California Gov. Gavin Newsom appointed McQuillen (Yurok tribal member, Tolowa Deeni', Irish) to the board early this month.

Indigenous Education Advocacy Project Aims to Empower Native Students and Families › Education

Aug 5, 2020 — Indigenous Education Advocacy Project Aims to Empower Native Students and Families. Details: By Nanette Kelley: August 05, 2020.


‘The Bartow Project’ examines the life and art of Rick Bartow, March 23, 2022 

Kelley, Nanette. "Reaching a Sustainable Plateau: The Indigenous Artists of the Plateau and Their Reflections on the Environment." First American Art Magazine (Feature), 33, Winter 2022. 

(Note: Wesley Jessup, Executive Director Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is utilizing the article as a primer for museum staffers new to the area and also for their board of trustees)

California Arts Council Administrators of Color 2021 Fellowship Cohort Announcement:

Nanette Kelley, Greater Northern Region (Upstate) - Host Organization: Ink People Center for the Arts

Kelley, Nanette. "Private museums could face NAGPRA scrutiny." Indian Country Today (Feature), 16 May 2021.

Associated Press: Significant NAGPRA Story concerning "Small museums and private institutions that accept federal CARES Act money or other stimulus funds could be forced to relinquish thousands of Indigenous items and ancestral remains now in their collections"

Kelley, Nanette. "The Paradox of Decolonizing Museums." First American Art Magazine, 30, Spring 2021.

Kelley, Nanette. "Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts." First American Art Magazine (Feature), 30, Spring 2021.

Kelley, Nanette. "The Indian-on-Indian Art Plague: Intertribal Cultural Misappropriation." First American Art Magazine, 27, Summer 2020.

"North Coast Otter Public Arts Initiative Giving Virtual Sneak Peak." North Coast Journal, 15 May 2020. Retrieved from

Kelley, Nanette. "For Indigenous Women, the Fight for Suffrage Isn't History, It’s a Current Life and Death Issue." League of Women Voters, Oklahoma Chapter Newsletter, Feb 2020.  Retrieved from

Kelley, Nanette. "Theater Review Between Two Knees." (Wounded Knee to Wounded Knee) First American Art Magazine, 25, Fall 2019, pp. 81-82.

Kelley, Nanette. “Allan Houser Celebration.” RSU TV Extension Course, Native American Studies Class Curriculum, Producer Nanette Kelley, Mar 2017, Claremore, OK.

Ryan Red Corn Lectures. Producer Nanette Kelley, lecturer Ryan RedCorn, April 2018, Baird Hall Performance Studio, Claremore, OK.

RSU Staff. “RSU was honored to host three distinguished scholars.” Event producer Nanette Kelley, 31 Jan 2018 Rogers State University. Retrieved from

News Staff. “RSU recognizes Native American artist." Claremore Progress. Event producer Nanette Kelley, 29 Mar 2017. 

Kelley, Nanette. “Osages come together for Northern California fall gathering.” Osage News, 14 Nov 2014.

My Uncle Hector. Directed and written by Darlena Roberts, post production producer Nanette Kelley, Golden Clover Films, 2013. Retrieved from

“Downton Duck, Downton Abbey Underwriting Spot Season Four.” KEET PBS, Written by Nanette Kelley. Directed by Nanette Kelley, 2013, Eureka, CA.

Polacca, Benny. “NCO meeting discusses adoption opportunities for Osages and culture workshops.” Osage News, Event producer Nanette Kelley, 2 Oct 2015.

Polacca, Benny. “Northern California Osages gather for culture-focused meeting.” Osage News (Pawhuska, OK), Jun 4, 2013. 

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